You've got to read this!

You've got to read this!
(Photos and comments from Derek M. from Evanston, IL. Please click images for larger pictures)

"I received my Col Moschin yesterday. Great job on shipping this item. It arrived in three business days. Here are my comments:

The Col Moschin is very well made to say the least. It is lightweight and has great balance. The handle material allows for a secure grip, and I wouldn't worry about this knife accidentally slipping out of my hand. The glass breaker at the bottom of the handle would undoubtedly do its job if the situation called for it. The metal cross guard is an added assurance that your hand will not slide forward onto the blade itself. The thumb grip just below the cross guard aids in careful cutting or peeling. The screws in the handle are practical for maintenance purposes. The blade is strong and lightweight. This is a sought after quality in many styles of knives.

The sheath is well designed. It is compact and secures the knife with 2 snap buttons as well as an anti-slip mechanism and a leg strap. The sheath is lightweight. I have seen sheaths with a lot more bulk and weight, which is exactly what you don't want.

I would definitely recommend this knife to ... collectors. I give this knife a 10 out of 10 based on its design. I would also like to give a 12 out of 10 for good quality products and outstanding customer service. Very professional. Thank you again Nancy. I will definitely be doing business with you again."


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