"...I was pleasantly pleased a thousand percent"

"...I was pleasantly pleased a thousand percent"

My knives arrived at 9:30 am this morning and I hastily in great anticipation opened the master carton containing my three knives. Sometimes one has great expectations of a product because of the information received from a web-site with pictures and product descriptions, but this was not the case, to the contrary I was pleasantly pleased a thousand percent.

I first opened the box containing the ONTOS, and was impressed with the quality and design of purpose and functionality and balance. For a survival knife it was very sharp and I was able to shave the hair on my arm.

The second knife I examined was the RAO and again was delighted that I was not disappointed in any of my preconceived expectations of the knife from the information received from your web-site. It is a fabulous knife that is a real multi-purpose survival tool and was razor sharp out of the box . Again, I was able to shave hair from my arm.

The third and last box I opened was the MPC and had the level of expectation met again. The MPC shaved my arm like a Gillett Razor.

I was amazed that such heavy constructed knives were sharp enough to shave hair with no effort and pass the fingernail sharpness test. My arm is almost hairless,

In conclusion, the only thing remaining to state is that the quality of your products and your customer service and willingness to afford one time and information is XTREME in every way possible.

Thank you,"



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