" The toughest knife out there. [RAO]"

" The toughest knife out there. [RAO]"
"You sell some of the Best Equipment in the world, bar none. The RAO being the only known stow-able fixed blade in existence. The toughest knife out there. Ya'll treated me great when I bought mine, least i could is send ya some business. Ya'll might be getting a few orders soon for em,

We had a lil contest between My RAO, another guy's Cold Steel Spartan, and a know-it-all with a Medford Praetorian .The Cold Steel didn't make it past the 2nd task, and the Medford snapped a blade on test 5. Needless to say, I am Still using the RAO. Soon as I can afford it, I am planning on picking up a second one from you, Just so I have a Spare.

A friend had asked me, about what i carried, Told him about the RAO, and when he talked about EBAY I sent him straight to ya'll, told him to just avoid the fakes, and go straight to the reliable source.

Thanx again,"

Buck Burgess, Charleston Motorworx, SC


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