"Subject: HF2 T Write Up" from owner J.E.

"Subject: HF2 T Write Up" from owner J.E.
Subject: HF2 T Write Up (Please click image for larger picture. Photo and review are courtesy of J.E.)

"So... I've been a Extrema Ratio Fan for years. They've recently released some new models, that really appealed to me, and I contacted Nancy at www.xtremeknives.com immediately to acquire a HF2 T (tanto tip). As luck would have it I got the last one!

I thought it'd be nice to do a short write up on this beast as it blew me away...

Initial impressions:

It's HUGE. 12" long, 4.88" blade and a monster aluminum handle at 6.75". This one DWARFS my other Extrema folders. It came razor sharp as Extrema is second to none with their sharpening process... that last edge polishing step makes the difference.

Came a belt case, extra clip for left hand carry and wrench.

Blade: .23" thick, wicked sharp edge, sexy evil design and Bohler N690 Steel. Has a flipper mechanism that opens the blade quickly with a loud "THUNK". It sounds more impressive than even the ER Nemesis. It's a liner lock with a small extra bar on a lanyard to lock it in place and make it as strong as fixed blade. Of note, I immediately removed this as the liner lock and handle lock switch is PLENTY strong enough for me.

Handle: Two nice scales of anticorodal aluminum anodized black. The grip is very ergonomic and is actually much longer than my large hands. It has a extra finger detent that enables a very secure tip down grip. it has a clip which allows deep carry, and this monster is actually comfy to carry. Actually WAY more comfy than my HTM MADD Maxx 5.5". It also comes with an extra clip and wrench for left hand carry. I wouldn't EDC it but you can be damn sure I'll be carrying this guy on the weekends (like tomorrow when we go to Baltimore). My only critique is that (after looking at it) ER could have shortened the handle a good .5" would have been welcomed by me.

Overall: 9/10. Knife is a BEAST... 100% impressive and it blows my mind that I can carry a large folding combat knife so discreetly in my pocket, and Legally! Quality is second to none as is usual with ER... totally worth the $$$. This one is a total keeper!"


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