"They are both made like tanks..."

"They are both made like tanks..."
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"I received my RAO [left] and MPC [right] folders today and Iím well pleased with these knives. Iíve been wanting an Extrema Ratio folder for over five years but, I have always pondered on the price and now after receiving these 2 gems of knives, I can honestly say they are worth it. They are both made like tanks and the locks are more solid than I thought. They are massive but, the MPC fits great in the pocket. The RAO is awesome and if left as a fixed blade the MPC folder fits great in the pouch (may need to remove the belt clip) 2 great knives in 1 awesome package. Both of these knives will conquer any task out in the field with ease and will want more when the day is done. The only thing sharper than these knives is the customer service I received from Nancy at Xtreme knives, friendly, helpful, ensures that the order was shipped right the first time." S. C. - Greenville, SC.


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