"I can honestly say they are worth it"

"I can honestly say they are worth it"
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"I received my RAO [left] and MPC [right] folders today and Iím well pleased with these knives. Iíve been wanting an Extrema Ratio folder for over five years but, I have always pondered on the price and now after receiving these 2 gems of knives, I can honestly say they are worth it. They are both made like tanks and the locks are more solid than I thought. They are massive but, the MPC fits great in the pocket. The RAO is awesome and if left as a fixed blade the MPC folder fits great in the pouch (may need to remove the belt clip) 2 great knives in 1 awesome package. Both of these knives will conquer any task out in the field with ease and will want more when the day is done. The only thing sharper than these knives is the customer service I received from Nancy at Xtreme knives, friendly, helpful, ensures that the order was shipped right the first time." S. C. - Greenville, SC.


"Hi Nancy,

It has now been months since I received the MPC and RAO folders. I have used them during this time while setting up camp, doing many outdoor projects and during overhauls after a major fire with the fire department and of course just plain showing off. A bunch of us gather around and when I break out the MPC or RAO folder everyone wants to break out their knives and we all have some kind of a knife story to tell and of course I end up fixing or replacing their damaged knives when they try to do the jobs I do with the MPC or RAO. I have seen Buckís, Gerberís, Kershawís, Cold steelís, SOGís and even a Benchmade get bent or broken trying to do the jobs that the MPC or RAO can do and look new when the job was done. As it is said ďnever send a boy to do a manís jobĒ. These knives donít just demand respect they get respect and they have mine and my trust that they will hold up under the task. Would like to see one change with the MPC, as a fire fighter Iíll have wet ash, dirt or even wet clay on my gloves and when using the MPC I would like a better grip (a little wider with an insert to prevent slippage). Sincerely, S. C. Greenville SC."


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