"The RAO was on my wish list..."

"The RAO was on my wish list..."
(Please click image for larger picture. Photo and comments courtesy of H - Belgium - Federal Judicial Police)

"Well the RAO was already on my wish list for quite some time and I was waiting to buy one. 

Recently I saw some on eBay but it was only when I found the "Xtremeknives.com" website that I was convinced I had found the right address.  This was largely confirmed when I made contact with Nancy.  It is a pleasure to deal with her and she is always very helpful.  Now I'm glad I bought my RAO at a genuine dealership, "Xtremeknives", because it seems the one I had in mind on eBay was a cheap overpriced Chinese rip-off.

Yes, genuine Extrema Ratio knives don't come cheap but I'm glad mine is the real deal.  And even with the unexpected price raise due to extra custom charges, VAT, and import tax I'm very happy I bought mine at "Xtremeknives"  These people know their business and are extremely customer friendly. I'm sure I will buy again when the occasion rises but at the moment I'm ever so glad with my RAO."


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