Click to enlargeM.G. calls the RAO a "WOW" knife

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"Hey, I consider myself a knife enthusiast. I have a small collection of about 30 diverse knives of which I have built up over the years. I do try and cover a practical range of choices from the two blade “OLD TIMER” to the “BOWIE”. Between that range I have the Assisted, Auto, Camping, Rescue, Karambit, Balisong, and of course the Stiletto. I pick my knives based on unique style, quality and rugged use. I try to base the cost on these factors. Nothing worse than paying for a cheap knife.

The Rao Extrema 185 is the WOW knife of the bunch. It has all my criteria for the collection and the price is a WOW as well. When I saw the Layaway Payment Option, I took a closer look at what I thought would be an unaffordable knife. The Option made it easier to add the RAO 185 to my collection. The quality, unique style and rugged persona of this knife is the go to knife if I were to pick a “Grab and GO” knife for just about any situation.

Thanks XtremeKnives." M.G. - New York City

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