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The knife is outstanding and its quality is superb.

Oliver Debus from Germany shown above with his Harpoon F II [no longer in production]. Oliver has this to say about his knife: "Yesterday my Extrema Ratio Harpoon FII (with sawback) knife arrived. I was really excited when I opened the parcel and wow it is amazing. The knife is outstanding and its quality is superb. It is like Extrema Ratio promised. Very nice to handle, light but tough. This you can really say, is a knife for life. The finish is extremely nice and unique (I have the GeoCamo Version). I have already a lot of knives, but this knife is special. So I made my decision for the future ...............only Extrema Ratio. Well it was the first time that I ordered a knife from the U.S., but I can say that Xtreme Knives is really good. They are very friendly, quick and make everything happen. I can say that they are really better than good knife sellers in Germany; and quicker. I made my choice for the future and there is only one choice ............Xtreme Knives."

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