Kevin Simone's Comments and Photos Concerning His Ontos

Kevin Simone's Comments and Photos Concerning His Ontos
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Thank you for being a benchmark for customer service. I am a manager in retail, and applaud your friendly and prompt assistance. First impression of the Ontos.. WOW!

I have an extensive collection of blades, many which are high end customs.

The Ontos exceeded my expectations for chopping like a hatchet, batoning logs with ease and maintaining a razor sharp edge to process fine tinder curls for fire. Carved a spoon to use for lunch in the woods.

Absolutely a candidate for a one tool option in the wilderness, the Ontos can do it all - and do it exceptionally. The saw back was handy to carve notches in tent stakes, and could also be used to score bone while processing big game.

Thanks for everything, I will be adding more ER knives to my collection soon."

Kevin Simone, Hudson Valley, NY


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