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"I was growing incredibly frustrated..."

(Please click image for larger picture. Photo and comments courtesy of CD, Charlotte, North Carolina)

"I was growing incredibly frustrated trying to purchase a specific knife (the Extrema Ratio SERE) [now named the S2 GOI] from other online knife dealers, some of whom I'd done business with for years and some of whom I had never bought from before and will certainly never buy from in the future. I was given the runaround about whether or not the item was truly in stock. I had my credit card charged and then refunded multiple times. I received updates promising that the item was ready to ship only to have that contradicted days later. In some cases, I simply I heard nothing at all after placing an order and had to follow up after weeks of silence only to be told that the item was unavailable. I am so happy to have discovered It's terrific to be able to actually call and speak with someone who knows their business, who knows what they have and what they don't have, and who keeps their word. Ordering was easy, shipping was quick, and communication was first-rate. Any time from now on that I'm in the market for something new, I'm leaving behind the shysters and the jokers and making my first stop." CD, Charlotte, North Carolina

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