"It is an awesome knife" lRAO II]

"It is an awesome knife" lRAO II]
"The RAO II, One of the best things about getting this knife is truly the wonderful experience dealing with Nancy! First rate all the way!

I have been very busy lately and have not had the time to put this new RAO II through the paces. That said, It is an awesome knife. Probably best described as a “civilian” version of the RAO. I really like my RAO, but the blade on the RAO II should be better suited to the needs of us who are no longer in the military. For instance the blade has a pretty good “belly” on it that would make it useful for skinning and and those tasks that work better with some curve to the blade. There is still a good useable point too when you need that.

Some people may wonder about the design of the RAO in general and it is a different school of thought. Its like having a fixed blade that you can fold up and put in a convenient carry pouch which you could carry on your belt just about anywhere without drawing a lot to attention. The sheath allows you to leave it in the fixed position if desired. The RAO II also has beveled edges on the handle which is more comfortable in the hand than the regular RAO and is comfortable even without gloves.

Bottom line, I really like the RAO, but I think I like this one better." E.V.


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