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"I want to say first that one of the truly enjoyable things about getting this Selvans is dealing with Nancy here at Xtreme Knives! So much we do these days lacks the caring touch that she gives to this business. First rate all the way. Thank you again Nancy!

The Selvans is sort of like a "hollow handle" knife without the hollow handle. By that it has a very nice grip which feels great in the hand and indexes very well in many positions. Instead of storing the extra goodies in the handle the sheath has a handy kit attached to it by molle tabs. The kit may not have the full kitchen sink in it, but it has pretty much what will get you by in most situations. I had a lot of fun just checking out the contents and repacking it. Did this several times. It does take a bit to figure out the best way but it does all fit and does not rattle or make any other noise. The items are basic and may not be all some will want but what is there is first rate. The pocket chain saw is a nice addition and the compass that is not attached to the butt cap of the handle is a nice addition too. Wire for a snare or other needs is included. The literature says it is copper wire but it looks like brass to me. The kit is very sturdy as I used the zipper many times. Not just a cheap one which is nice. The fire-starter rod is nice too.

The Selvans is awesome itself. I like the N690 stainless steel that is used. While it doesn't eliminate maintenance, it does make it easier. Have found it fairly easy to sharpen and holds a good edge. The edges are what separates this from many other "survival" knives I have used. Instead of being too steep the bevels are more acute and make for a very usable knife. The only spot where they get a bit thick is at the point where it should be reinforced a bit. The knife handle accommodates many different positions and is very comfortable.

The sheath fits well and the color is quite good for grasslands. It is molle compatible. The nice feature is the leg strap. Much more comfortable than para cord.

Could go on and on about the many features but it would be better to watch the videos on you tube.

Extrema Ratio has a winner here. If you're in the market for a grab and go survival knife give this one a try. You won't be disappointed." E.V.

"Nancy, I absolutely love the knife. It will accompany me on my many outdoor adventures. Thanks for the prompt shipping and the excellent customer service. I will most definitely be ordering another Extrema Ratio knife in the future." CB

"Iím now the proud owner of two Extrema Ratio knivesÖ..the Selvans and MF1. Iíve owned many folding and fixed blade knives but never to the same level of quality and craftsmanship that Extrema Ratio provides. Iím surprised that these knives donít have more of a following in the United States." R.B.

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