"...beautiful in the hand..."

"...beautiful in the hand..."
(Please click image for larger picture. Photos and comment courtesy of Eric Spear")

Received my ER Contact and Contact C today. They are much more beautiful in the hand than in the pictures. Next to the Requiem, they all look like one big happy family. Thank you so much for a great set of knives at really great prices. And thank you for the note on my invoice, it is a nice personal touch and much appreciated. When I decide to get more Extrema Ratio products, which I am sure I will now that I know the quality of the knives, I will surely get them from you. The blades on both Contact models are 1/4 of an inch thick; these won't snap if you had to use them to pry something. I'm very impressed with these blades. The blade edges on these are interesting. The blades are thick so have a steeper bevel than thinner bladed knives I have. As such, at first when inspecting the edge, it didn't feel as sharp as my other knives but when I tried it on my arm, both knives shave hair. I didn't expect that from how the edge felt just running my thumb across it. As to the handles, at first, I wasn't sure about the odd-looking handles on these knives, but the more I handle them, the more I appreciate the handle's ergonomics. They don't look like they would be comfortable to hold at all but once in the hand, they fit and feel really nice to hold. The Forprene material used for the handles is deceiving; it looks like "hard plastic" in the pictures but is actually more like a really firm rubber which makes it comfortable in the hand. So far, I have been impressed with all three of the Extrema Ratio knives I purchased!

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