"Subject: HF2 T Write Up" from owner J.E.
"The knife [Fulcrum C] has been great."
"The knife is perfect." [RAO Avio]
"The knives rock..."
"The MF0 became my new knife for work..."
"The RAO exemplifies discipline and..." read the rest of his comment here
"The RAO is a good fit..."
"The RAO was on my wish list..."
"the SERE 1 arrived yesterday in perfect shape."
"They are both made like tanks..."
"This is a GOOD one!"
"This knife is awesome!!!" (BF0)
"What a knife!" [ROA II]
.. I could not be happier...
... Extrema Ratio makes the best knives in the world."
..."among the highest quality..."
...a great companion
...and I can't put it down! [BF2 CD]
...awesome Extrema Ratio Dark Talon BF3 Knife
...compact and comfortable to carry... [BF1 CD]
...I am impressed!I
...it looks great! [Fulcrum S - Special Order]
...me and my Shrapnel
...more than I expected...
...two of my favorite knives...
..one of the best knives I have seen.
130 RAO II Drop Point with Black (Testudo) Finish
[Fulcrum C]"... extreme robustness, great design, top quality materials, fit and finish..."
A BF2 On The Job
A customer's comments and photos of his well-tested Fulcrum S
A.M. with his Dark Talon (right) and Fulcrum II D
ADRA Operative Dagger
Another view of the Fulcrum C
Another view of this well-used Fulcrum S
BF2 On the Job
BF2 On The Job
BF2 On The Job
Checking out the RAO
Comments from Daniel Jackson
Comments from R. I. - Japan
Craig K. H. from Australia with his BF2 and Fulcrum S
Customer's Comments about His Golem
Customer's Photo of His RAO
Customer's Photo of His RAO
Customers' Comments
Don't mess with me...
Extrema Ratio 39-09

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