"My Fulcrum II took a beating during my deployment in Iraq."
"My satisfaction though was finalized..."
"Received the BF1 today and it is awesome!"
"Subject: HF2 T Write Up" from owner J.E.
"The knife [Fulcrum C] has been great."
"The knife is perfect." [RAO Avio]
"The knives rock..."
"The MF0 became my new knife for work..."
"The RAO exemplifies discipline and..." read the rest of his comment here
"The RAO is a good fit..."
"The RAO was on my wish list..."
"They are both made like tanks..."
"This is a GOOD one!"
"This knife is awesome!!!" (BF0)
"What a knife!" [ROA II]
'The Doberman IV is a knife that can do it all.'
.. I could not be happier...
... Extrema Ratio makes the best knives in the world."
... has come with amazing sharpness, and superior edge holding!
..."among the highest quality..."
...a great companion
...and I can't put it down! [BF2 CD]
...awesome Extrema Ratio Dark Talon BF3 Knife
...compact and comfortable to carry... [BF1 CD]
...I am impressed!I
...it looks great! [Fulcrum S - Special Order]
...just demand to be used and abused...
...me and my Shrapnel
...more than I expected...
...two of my favorite knives...
..one of the best knives I have seen.
130 RAO II Drop Point with Black (Testudo) Finish
[Fulcrum C]"... extreme robustness, great design, top quality materials, fit and finish..."
A BF2 On The Job
A customer's comments and photos of his well-tested Fulcrum S
A.M. with his Dark Talon (right) and Fulcrum II D
ADRA Operative Dagger
Another view of the Fulcrum C
Another view of this well-used Fulcrum S
BF2 On The Job
BF2 On the Job
BF2 On The Job
Checking out the RAO
Comments from Daniel Jackson
Comments from R. I. - Japan
Craig K. H. from Australia with his BF2 and Fulcrum S
Customer's Comments about His Golem

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