"The overall quality ... is exceptional"(MF0)
I would certainly recommend your resolza to others who are looking for a quality tool.
" I love it."
" I'm beyond pleased." (MF1)
" The toughest knife out there. [RAO]"
"...a compact EDC that will act like a big blade" (MF0)
"...an awesome machete.." [KS Kukri]
"...beautiful in the hand..."
"...exceeded my expectations in every way" (MF0)
"...great quality and just the right size" (MF0)
"...I am so impressed with my MF1..."
"...I couldn't be happier ..."
"...I was pleasantly pleased a thousand percent"
"...it has exceeded my expectations" [MPC]
"...it is the finest knife I've handled."
"...it was more efficient than an average custom knife" (MF2)
"...it's huge, robust [RAO II]
"...long reach, quiet design, and razor sharpness make this THE knife to carry."
"...me and the knives having fun..."
"...RAO Desert Warfare...VERY NICE!"
"...right at the top of the list..."
"...the beast arrived..."
"...the overall quality is amazing." BF 2
"...they look like knives you can take to hell and back with you."
"...this knife is everything I hoped for and more" [RAO Avio]
"...this was a perfect choice." (MF1)
"Extrema Ratio products are some of the best out there"
"Great knives..."
"Great price for the quality...(T-Razor)"
"I am a collector of knives..."
"I am definitely having fun with them..."
"I am extremely happy with the S 2 GOI"
"I am very happy with this purchase"
"I can honestly say they are worth it"
"I enjoyed every moment of my purchase here."
"I really enjoy the new knife"
"I'm really pleased with the knife, superb quality. [BF1 Tanto Point]
"In an extreme scenario, I would need nothing else, besides water."
"It is an awesome knife" lRAO II]
"It is an extremely solid and..." read the rest of the story here
"its a monster folder..."
"My better half is currently carrying it and she loves it!" (BF0)
"My Fulcrum II took a beating during my deployment in Iraq."
"My satisfaction though was finalized..."
"Probably the coolest..."
"Received the BF1 today and it is awesome!"
"Subject: HF2 T Write Up" from owner J.E.
"The knife [Fulcrum C] has been great."

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