Click to enlarge"I love this thing!!"

"Hi Nancy,

As promised, here is the Nemesis review. This is my first stab at a review, so please bear that in mind. I love this thing!!

This is the first heavy duty folder from ER I have ordered. Upon taking it out of the box, I was blown away by the build quality. This is my 3rd ER, and I am used to the real nice craftsmanship, but this one takes the cake! It was worth every penny, which is saying a lot since this is the most $$$ knife I have bought thus far.


The blade is a stiletto design, which I imagine means slim with a mostly straight cutting edge. The steel is Boehler N690. It is very thick at 1/4 inch, and sharp! The shape is somewhat slender. All of my ER edges have held up good to light tasks like cutting cardboard, rope, etc... The grind is very even and I like how they polish the edge for less cutting resistance.


The handle is made of "anticorodal" aluminum scales. They are very substantial, and feel nice in the hand. My only complaint is that the "Testudo" coating is somewhat slippery when the knife is cold, and I am not wearing gloves. Not a huge thing, but one that could possibly be improved.


IMHO, The lock is probably the most impressive feature. This knife opens with a LOUD "thunk", and when it is locked in place, It is not going anywhere. The knife has a secondary slide lock, which honestly may be overkill, but I guess in the extreme way this knife is meant to be used, it is a benefit. The knife has the back lock that is 1/4 inch thick, and runs the whole length of the handle. The window breaker is no joke and is also 1/4" thick. One note on the lock is when unlocking the lock with your thumb, the blade has a tendency to swing down. First time I did it, it hit my index knuckle lightly and cut me!! LOL. It is very sharp.

All in all, my favorite knife to date. Thanks to Nancy for making the transaction the most pleasant around!!!"

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