Customers' Comments

Customers' Comments
"Youíre the best company Iíve ever had the pleasure of doing business with and you sell a top of the line product that has both a great amount of style and high functionality. Iíve already recommended your website to a few of my co-workers that have been very intrigued by my new knife (Fulcrum C). When it comes to knives, you carry the best. These knives (Shrapnel, Kukri, Fulcrum C) are the best quality knives Iíve ever owned. Iíve had a few that came close, but not quite as good. As far as my new Fulcrum C, Iíve already had the pleasure of carrying it on a few missions and so far so good. As for price, the knives are expensive, but itís well spent money. You definitely get what you pay for in a great quality knife that will definitely last you a lifetime. Any questions Xtreme Knives canít answer, they get the answer from the parent company. XK checks up on their buyer to make sure they are satisfied and they will give you 110% to make sure that you are happy. Never have I dealt with a company that cares about their customers as well as they do. Thanks for carrying great products and for the great service." MBS - Iraq

"Just wanted to let you know that my knife (Extrema Ratio Fulcrum S) arrived at our camp in Afghanistan yesterday. It met/exceeded my expectations and I'm very happy with the fast delivery time. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and co-workers... T. E." Somewhere in Afghanistan

"Hi new Fulcrum arrived safe and sound last Friday. It's exactly what I was looking for. I'll send you some pictures just as soon as I get a camera that works but in the meantime, please feel free to quote me when I say that I use the Internet to make purchases all the time and I have never worked with a company that makes the deal work as smoothly as yours does. One week turn around after sending a money order is a record for me! Believe me, the next time I need an Extrema Ratio knife, you'll be the first to know. I really appreciate the great deal I got from you guys! I am really impressed with the styling and thought that its designers put into it. This is a knife that is tough. Take care and I'll get you those pictures just as soon as I can." Clay Kasner

"I received the Col Moschin and Fulcrum C in excellent shape. They are so beautiful that it will be hard to put them to use. Between the two, the Fulcrum will be the knife of choice for taking on runs in the woods. It is a little lighter and its shorter blade makes it quicker to unsheath. Hopefully, I will never have to test it should a cougar cross paths with me. Thanks for your excellent service." J.L. Corvallis, OR


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