A customer's comments and photos of his well-tested Fulcrum S

A customer's comments and photos of his well-tested Fulcrum S
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"After many uses in the forest, I must say that the fulcrum S is a wonderful tool. The blade, medium size, compared to other models in the series seemed the best compromise for this use in my purchase and I am very satisfied. The cutting blade is exceptional on both sides, the knives are known Italian brand in Europe and Extrema Ratio and certainly expensive but reliable. After opening tin can, wood cut, cut rope, dug holes and even served as a lever, the knife has completed its function. only traces of friction have appeared on the blade. As mentioned earlier, it is a tool, not a knife for cutting thin slices of carpaccio "Italian cuisine", but AC cutting quality, I think a test will be conclusive. I made my purchase at xtremeknives.com because their prices were much more interesting than in Europe. The shipment was very fast and well the package has supported the travel. A big thank you to Nancy (admin@xtremeknives.com) for its hospitality and professionalism. I am considering buying another knife, I would do on your site." Ludovic - France


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