More Customers'Comments

More Customers'Comments
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Here is what Daniel Jackson (pictured above) had to say about his Extrema Ratio knives: "G'day Nancy, the 3 extrema ratio knives (Shrapnel, Harpoon, Venom) have landed in australia safely! l knew these knives were good and l have been after some since l first saw them about 4 years ago, but these knives are beyond my expectations. thanks very much for the great prices and for the quick postage, the three extrema ratios l got from you guys are the most beautiful knives l have ever seen and l am very happy with them. thanks again!"

"I happened to be in Kiev, Ukraine, last week, working with some interesting professions. It was all I could do to keep my Shrapnel! I will not give it up and after having my associates see it, handle it and work it, they were not interested in the "cold steel Recons w/serrated edge and drop point that I had brought them". Funny, just last year they begged me for cold steel knives but after seeing the Shrapnel they now want them!... I think that the fact that the Shrapnel is Italian appeals to their sense of style, not to mention that it is one hell of a knife..." Gus Zamora, Riverview, FL

"Youíre the best company Iíve ever had the pleasure of doing business with and you sell a top of the line product that has both a great amount of style and high functionality. Iíve already recommended your website to a few of my co-workers. When it comes to knives, you carry the best. These knives (Shrapnel, Kukri, Fulcrum C) are the best quality knives Iíve ever owned. Iíve had a few that came close, but not quite as good. As for price, the knives are expensive, but itís well spent money. You definitely get what you pay for in a great quality knife that will definitely last you a lifetime. Any questions Xtreme Knives canít answer, they get the answer from the parent company. XK checks up on their buyer to make sure they are satisfied and they will give you 110% to make sure that you are happy. Never have I dealt with a company that cares about their customers as well as they do. Thanks for carrying great products and for the great service." MBS - Iraq

"My Shrapnel arrived yesterday; One of the quickest shipments ever. First impressions were very positive. Everything is just right; from the grind lines to finish and fit to grip ergonomics. Heft and handling is impressive. I whittled, chopped and stabbed into a pine 4X4, cut paper and cardboard and shaved some hair off my arm. One tough piece of steel, so far. My Shrapnel will be put to further use out in the woods. The hard handle forms a perfect fit over the full, encapsulated tang. Disassembly for cleaning is a snap. I also like the safety and convenience of the sheath. The knife is held securely yet instantly available. This is my first Extrema Ratio and I am impressed." RB - New York, NY

NOTE: This comment was posted on in the Good Bad Ugly section.) "I just ordered an Extrema Ratio Shrapnel from "Xtreme Knives" in Utah. I got my knife in 3 days and the customer service via Nancy on the phone was outstanding. It seemed like they would bend over backwards to get you what you want. Not only that, the prices are the best I have found since most of the wholesalers don't even carry Extrema Ratio anymore. It has been a great experience." Ronald Cassel - Bremerton, WA

"I'll definitely be using this piece of functional art! The Shrapnel seems perfect for camping and when hiking. It's definitely more knife then I'll ever need, but as a designer I wish I would have designed them, those Italians did it again! I've already been showing them off and thanks again for the great service and I'll gladly recommend you guys!" R.L. - Hollywood, CA

"The Shrapnel is of very high quality and yet it is simple and classic like many things by Italian craftsmen. This is a great addition to my other camping gear. Customer service and your personal assistance has been great, these days you have to be happy just getting a person on the telephone. In addition, you had the item in stock and your price was competitive." A.B.


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