"I am very happy with this purchase"

"I am very happy with this purchase"
Nancy, Received my Non Serrated Double Edged Col Moschin today. This knife feels great and looks great! Best of the Best! I had originally ordered a Chris Reeves "Pacific". I liked the way it looked. Once it came, it felt cheap and awkward in the hand. I sent it back. This is the fourth knife I have bought off of you and am very happy. Great Product and Great Service ! Thanks Again. Kevin McGuire

Received the Extrema Ratio "Col Moschin" knife yesterday. It is indeed very impressive. I am very happy with this purchase... The knife is sharp as all heck, and I plan to carry it on hiking trips as well as a back-up for work and emergencies... R. L., Woodland Hill, CA.

I received the Col Moschin and Fulcrum C in excellent shape. They are so beautiful that it will be hard to put them to use... Thanks for your excellent service. J.L., Corvallis, OR

I would like to thank you for the prompt and courteous service you provided when I recently purchased a Col Moschin knife. The fit and finish of this knife is flawless. The blade is very sharp and the handle is comfortably correct for the knife's intended use. Overall, the Col Moschin is a knife of high design and production quality with outstanding handling characteristics. Thank you again for your kind attention. T.S., Alexandria, VA


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