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I am a collector of knives and I have many types in my collection of over 100. I was in the military for 10 years and have been a police officer for 30 years. I know the value of a good knife and the value of good customer service. I researched the quality and durability of the Extrema Ratio knives and decided to buy a Glauca J1. I looked around the internet for the knife and found Xtreme I had never heard of this company so I did some research and found excellent reviews. I contacted Nancy at Xtreme Knives and she was great. I contacted a couple of other companies about this knife but it was a chore. Most didn't know much about their products and didn't seem to care. Nancy did! She was very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. Qualities usually lacking in customer service today. Not only that but she communicated with me every step of the way. She even Checked up on me after I received the knife to make sure I received it. You can't put a price on that. Speaking of which, The prices at Xtreme Knives were the best. I do my research. Look no further and order with confidence at Xtreme!" Stephan in Colorado

"Waw Nancy, Oh my God how beautiful these [five] blades are. Can't get enough looking at them and handling them. Amazing!!!! Unreal !!!! Thank you Nancy" H.O.

Thank you for outstanding service and fair prices. I have purchased knives from all over the world...your service and customer response has been fantastic...well done! P.J.

You sell some of the Best Equipment in the world, bar none. The RAO being the only known stow-able fixed blade in existence. The toughest knife out there. Ya'll treated me great when I bought mine, least i could is send ya some business. Ya'll might be getting a few orders soon for em,

We had a lil contest between My RAO, another guy's Cold Steel Spartan, and a know-it-all with a Medford Praetorian .The Cold Steel didn't make it past the 2nd task, and the Medford snapped a blade on test 5. Needless to say, I am Still using the RAO. Soon as I can afford it, I am planning on picking up a second one from you, Just so I have a Spare.

A friend had asked me, about what i carried, Told him about the RAO, and when he talked about EBAY I sent him straight to ya'll, told him to just avoid the fakes, and go straight to the reliable source.

Thanx again,

Buck Burgess, Charleston Motorworx, SC

"Hi Nancy:

I received my Extreme Resolza this morning.......VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Your resolza is arguably the sharpest out-of-the-box knife I have encountered. The fit and finish are first-class and I like the handle anodized aluminum, I guess. Given the handle proportions, I can see why you included the recesses in the handle

The opening action is smooth and fast, likely due to the washers on the pivot pin. I was able to open & close the knife one-handed right out of the box. There was no blade side-play at all. Even the packaging was above average

The edge grind was perfect all the way to the tip, which was finished off properly. A properly finished tip is vital when you're using the very tip for fine work. I'm sure you have seen the blunt tip ends on cheaper knives. I often have to spend time at the hone stone to get them just right....your resolza required none

I could not find any obvious flaws in either materials or workmanship. This knife could be called: "resolza of the future" and I could see it in a sci-fi action drama

I'm eager to test the knife in the field and at this point, I would certainly recommend your resolza to others who are looking for a quality tool.

I hope to take it on a hog-hunt this spring. I'll let you know how it shakes out. I'm hoping to try it out in light butchering. (I pictures).

Thanks Again"

Grant Marcoux

"Hey Nancy I ordered the RAO AVIO on a Sunday after talking to xtreme knives several times that day. Which I think is a little above and beyond the call of duty especially since the next day was a holiday. I was walked through how to get the discount i was looking for by Nancy. Me being the smart online shopper that i am ( haha not) of course I screwed that up right off the get go. Even though the order had already been sent, I receive an email from Nancy on Monday, which was a holiday, asking if I meant to make the order without doing the discount and then she had it all set up to fix my mistake and give me the discount even though she did not have to.Tuesday morning I received an email and shipping info from Nancy. By Friday I had the RAO AVIO in my hand. I would just like to say this knife is everything I hoped for and more. The customer service (i.e. Nancy) was second to none, a 12/10 in my book. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. Probably the best online shopping experience of my life. Nancy I cannot thank you enough for all the help, you are the reason this sale went as smooth as it did. I just wish more companies ran like yours. Customer service alone would be a good enough reason to be a repeat customer, add in the bad a** RAO AVIO and its a no brainer, I will be ordering all my knives from Nancy from here on out. And the only constructive criticism I can give is " if it ain't broke don't fix it", you guys should not change a thing, running like a well oiled machine. I can not thank Nancy enough for all the hard work she put in with my sale. Thanks for everything." J.W.

 “Hello Nancy my name is J--- B---- and I have ordered 5 of your knives (KH Kukri, MF2, MF2 Col Moschin, MF0, Col Moschin fixed blade) but have never taken the time to thank you. All of my Extrema Ratio's are beautiful knives and the ones that I actually use out perform any other knife I have ever used. Not only do you sell an extremely quality product but your customer services is incredible and the included express shipping is just great. I wanted to give you some of the pictures that I took recently. Thanks again and I've been saving and will be purchasing the compact version of the Col Moschin very soon you guys definitely have what it takes to keep your costumers coming back.”

"I received the knife [Nemesis] and absolutely love it!! High quality finish, good ergonomics and razor sharp (it shaved the hair off my leg in 3 strokes lol). The way this knife locks up is amazing. I have never handled a folder that is this solid. Thank you so much Nancy. I am more than happy with it. I carried a C. Reeve Umnumzaan and it cost me about a $100 more and seems like lesser quality than this knife. I am a Paramedic and carry a knife daily. I DO NOT think it is too big and It will never leave my pocket. You were honest, more than kind and sold me this knife completely as advertised." G.P.

"I received my Nemesis a few days ago. Nancy and provided unparalleled kind and quick service. Having had the Nemesis for only 3 days, I'm still not even sure what to think of it: the Nemesis is stimulation overload! It's the perfect knife. I've been an owner of premium auto and custom folders for years. I had only recently heard of Extrema Ratio and I'm just astounded by the quality. ER has undoubtedly accomplished making a "folding fixed-blade"! I can't imagine carrying anything else after being spoiled by the ER Nemesis. This is less a knife and more of a piece of pocket hardware. In a knifeworld full of G10 and titanium and new kinds of locks and gimmicks, the materials and build of the ER is refreshing. It's both extremely modern and classic at the same time. A brick of steel and some high grade aluminum slabs crafted flawlessly goes a long way. There's no fear of damaging this knife no matter what I put it through. It has true grace for such a serious tool. It feels real and substantial yet refined and exotic. I think my favorite feature on the Nemesis is the jimping and guard on the spine. It's beautifully and solidly machined and just feels good and secure. Its heavy action and lockup is very reassuring. You can feel the quarter inch thick blade lock into place like a bank vault door. This knife will remain in my pocket daily without exception. The Nemesis is a serious, masculine and modern piece of equipment. I will not think twice before buying another Extrema Ratio. And I'll certainly buy it from Xtremeknives." W.S.T.

"Hi Nancy, Just a quick e-mail to let you know I received my MF1 folder. It arrived in great shape and lightning fast, I'm somewhat impatient so I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. The knife is great, I've never owned a folding knife of this caliber, both in style and quality of manufacture. I knew I made a good choice in choosing the MF1 and of course buying from Xtreme Knives! I know this knife will be with me for a very long time, I also definitely need to add a Col Moschin fixed blade to the collection at some point, we will surely be doing business again. Once again, thank you very much Nancy I appreciate the personalized touch, class act operation. Regards, M,H, Jr."

"Nancy, My knives arrived at 9:30 am this morning and I hastily in great anticipation opened the master carton containing my three knives. Sometimes one has great expectations of a product because of the information received from a web-site with pictures and product descriptions, but this was not the case, to the contrary I was pleasantly pleased a thousand percent.

I first opened the box containing the ONTOS, and was impressed with the quality and design of purpose and functionality and balance. For a survival knife is was very sharp and I was able to shave the hair on my arm.

The second knife I examined was the RAO and again was delighted that I was not disappointed in any of my preconceived expectations of the knife from the information received from your web-site. It is a fabulous knife that is a real multi-purpose survival tool and was razor sharp out of the box . Again, I was able to shave hair from my arm.

The third and last box I opened was the MPC and had the level of expectation met again. The MPC shaved my arm like a Gillett Razor.

I was amazed that such heavy constructed knives were sharp enough to shave hair with no effort and pass the fingernail sharpness test. My arm is almost hairless,

In conclusion, the only thing remaining to state is that the quality of your products and your customer service and willingness to afford one time and information is XTREME in every way possible.

Thank you," Tony

"I still just cannot get over the quality of design and workmanship of Extrema Ratio. And they are completely unique in comparison to other manufacturers--even the really high end. M.S."

"The Dark Talon was my first Extrema Ratio. I was immediately impressed by its understated elegance. Fit and finish were unquestionably on par with my custom knives. It's a silky smooth opener. The BF3 Dark Talon may be the longest folder made by Extrema Ratio, yet it is the most slender. And with its low ride pocket clip, narrow profile, and light weight, carrying this "full size" knife is anything but problematic. You literally don't know it's there. The perfect combination of long reach, quiet design, and razor sharpness make this THE knife to carry when a more heavy duty blade is not possible/appropriate. I would not feel under-equipped with the Talon at all. It's also one of the most streamlined folding knives on the market and an excellent example in minimal design and an exercise in functional aesthetic." W.S.T.

"I have been buying several products from the US, happened to stop by “” to buy a 185 RAO with black sheath. I have never had such a great buying experience while buying from the US. The customer service, understood the needs, identified the requirement and dispatched the goods immediately. Most of all the response was prompt for every query that I had asked. Reliability of buy from these great people is undoubted. There are many places from where you could buy knives, but I go by the rule of stopping by a store where you get good customer service. I would definitely recommend and buy more products from “” at the wink of my eye. Your Team is doing a great job. It was truly a great experience……. Regards, Paul" - India

"You’re the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with and you sell a top of the line product that has both a great amount of style and high functionality. I’ve already recommended your website to a few of my co-workers that have been very intrigued by my new knife (Fulcrum C). When it comes to knives, you carry the best. These knives (Shrapnel, Kukri, Fulcrum C) are the best quality knives I’ve ever owned. I’ve had a few that came close, but not quite as good. As for price, the knives are expensive, but it’s well spent money. You definitely get what you pay for in a great quality knife that will definitely last you a lifetime. Any questions Xtreme Knives can’t answer, they get the answer from the parent company. XK checks up on their buyer to make sure they are satisfied and they will give you 110% to make sure that you are happy. Never have I dealt with a company that cares about their customers as well as they do. Thanks for carrying great products and for the great service. MBS" - Iraq

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my RAO 185 yesterday and was thoroughly impressed with the knife. I'm an avid collector of knives and have amassed a nice collection of folders from case to strider, but my RAO truly stands out among them. The fit and finish of the piece rivals any custom blade that I have seen or own. I would highly recommend the knife to anyone that needs a truly solid blade as a daily carry or intends to use it for camping, hunting, fishing, or any other field that would require unparalleled reliability. If you are looking at purchasing an upper end folder look no father then the RAO 185 you will not be disappointed!!!! had excellent customer service, fast shipping, and the best prices that I've found. Sincerely, T.W. Davenport." Austin, TX

"Just received my Nemesis Folder and I am impressed! I have owned many "Top of the Line " folding knives but this Nemesis folder is by far the best!! It beats all custom and production folders I have ever owned hands down! One feature that was unexpected on the knife was that the blade when folded is completely encased inside the handle, no body of the blade protrudes. A very clean design and a very well thought out feature for a pocket carry folder. Do not hesitate to purchase if you need a large, strong, daily carry folder! Well done to Xtreme Knives! Darnell" - Canada

"Hello Nancy, Yes they arrived [Fulcrum II D and MPC] and yes I'm very pleased. The difference in the quality of these and the "knockoffs" is for real. They do a great job on the surface with the fakes, but the feel of the finish on these is very nice. It almost has a silky warm feel to these handles. The lock-up is "SOLID" and the action crisp. I would say that they are every bit a top shelf knife. I've had many knives from a lot of the top names you see out there and these may not have some of the fancy embellishments but if you want a KNIFE for a dirty job these will get it done. The FULCRUM ll is in my pocket and ready for EDC. The MPC on duty in my bug out bag/day pack and ATV rack bag from here out. Thank you Nancy and Xtreme knives. You've got another happy customer. Best regards." SPN

"The MF0 is a great EDC addition to my small collection. The extra thick 0.16” thick blade locks up tight with serious authority and is by far the sharpest blade I have out of the box – razor sharp! It is clear that the designers put some thought behind this very robust but small knife. It has a good weight (not too light) and a comfortable feel, if you have a wider hand. It’s like holding a full size blade because the handle fits securely in the palm and spine of the blade is “jimped” (notched) at the perfect location, such that the thumb lands in a natural position to facilitate knife orientation. Lastly, I appreciate you’re your kindness and customer support over the email. I plan to make another purchase and take advantage of the Postal Money order savings again. B.R." - Orlando, FL

"It has been quite cold and was glad to see my BF1 work so well. The recent storm brought snow and cold. Have to admit this was the first time I have been able to see how the ER knives perform in the sub zero cold. I am impressed! Real cold is a good test for these knives with aluminum and steel construction. Held up very well with no real change in tolerances. It's those adverse conditions that really make you appreciate good tools! E.V." - Nebraska

"Just wanted to send off a quick note to you to let you know my beautiful Extrema Ratio T3000C is here, having arrived Saturday, in perfect condition and of even greater quality and beauty than I anticipated. As a lover of knives I have purchased quite a few, but I don't remember ever receiving such prompt, hassle-free ordering, delivery, every step of the process convenient, accurate and efficient (along with customer service I can only describe as lovely). I will certainly do business with you and your company at every available opportunity. If there is something somewhere that I want and I can get it from you or another source I will choose you every time. Please feel free to use this letter, if it is of any use for your promotion or recounted customer experiences. I could not be happier. K.H." - Denver, CO

"I happened to be in Kiev, Ukraine, last week, working with some interesting professions. It was all I could do to keep my Shrapnel! I will not give it up and after having my associates see it, handle it and work it, they were not interested in the "cold steel Recons w/serrated edge and drop point that I had brought them". Funny, just last year they begged me for cold steel knives but after seeing the Shrapnel they now want them! I think that the fact that the Shrapnel is Italian appeals to their sense of style, not to mention that it is one hell of a knife. Gus Zamora, Security Consultant/Security Contractor" - Riverview, FL

"I just opened both of my new knives and the belt clip!! These are two awesome knives! (Fulcrum K9 and MF2) As usual the craftsmanship is incredible and the action on the MF 2 is smooth! Thanks again for your WONDERFUL customer service--I greatly appreciate all that you do for me, and that's why I won't buy a knife from any one else but you! I'll enjoy these knives for years to come--and since your website is my homepage, I'll keep my eyes open for new models that I may want to purchase. B.G." - Roscommon, MI

"Please feel free to quote me when I say that I use the Internet to make purchases all the time and I have never worked with a company that makes the deal work as smoothly as yours does. One week turn around after sending a money order is a record for me! Believe me, the next time I need an Extrema ratio knife, you'll be the first to know. C.K." - North Canton, OH

"My Extreme Ratio Harpoon F II knife just arrived, the one with the saw back. Thank you very much! There is really not much to say about it, it's just a knife. But then again it's the darn best and solid knife I've ever owned and used! And I really thought I had it all and I had seen it all from Gerber, Boker and Cold Steel, over to Puma and the rest of the so called great brands out there. And despite being a lawyer today, one of those disgusting and greedy little b------s, in my young years I was actually in the Foreign Legion and I do know what a knife has to be - the ultimate tool! Thank you for this great product! M.B." – FL/Guam.

"I definitely agree with other comments that the customer service is simply outstanding. The MFO, as well, has exceeded my expectations in every way. I like the unique design, solid black color and excellent finish, nice heft and handle thickness, red secondary lock, blade shape, and easy but firm open. The feel and multiple design features of this knife are so engaging that it is difficult to stop handling it. But when you finally do let it rest in your pocket, the clip easily fastens without being too tight and the knife does rest deep and completely concealed as described. I don’t know of any other compact carry that is anything like this. It just became my most favorite carry. It is one serious piece and worth every penny. GS" - Lincolnton, NC

"Stellar customer service is getting more difficult to come by these days. My hat is off to your company. You have quality products and your prices are competitive as well. What a winning combination! I am sure we will be doing business in the future. Robert Smith" - Guam

"MF1 is a structurally superb drop point blade with a robust design and a tremendous grip. Being a medium sized knife, it is perfect for situations where a smaller EDC blade would be deemed inadequate. I like a slightly heavier and slightly thicker than average folding knife design, so this was a perfect choice. Another round of applause for Extrema Ratio. Ben"

"It is a wonderful knife [MF2 Folder] that cannot be explained at my English level. Knife with strength that cannot be judged from face. The blade was able to cut very well, and to shave the downy hair. It was felt that it was more efficient than an average custom knife. The opening and shutting of the blade is also smooth, and the lock system that can be operated by one hand is a charm. We wish to express our gratitude for Nancy's kind attitude. Thank you Nancy! Thank you Xtreme Knives! R.I." - JAPAN

(NOTE: This comment was posted on in the Good Bad Ugly section.) "I just ordered an Extrema Ratio Schrapnel from "Xtreme Knives" in Utah. I got my knife in 3 days and the customer service via Nancy on the phone was outstanding. It seemed like they would bend over backwards to get you what you want. Not only that, the prices are the best I have found since most of the wholesalers don't even carry Extrema Ratio anymore. It has been a great experience. Ronald Cassel" - Bremerton, WA.

"I have always wondered why anyone would consider spending 100’s of dollars on a knife, and now I know why. This Faida/Nemesis folder is extraordinarily engineered. It inspires complete confidence. I would not hesitation to depend on it. E.J." - UT

"The ER (Extrema Ratio) Nemesis (Faida) arrived this morning! It is a great knife and I know my brother will be very pleased and put it to use. I am thinking of ordering one for myself at some point. This was my first order with and I couldn't be more impressed with the whole experience. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you. The customer service was top notch. The shipping was fast and the quality was outstanding. I will absolutely use you for all of my future purchases. Thanks again. Dave Andersen" - Hunt Valley, MD

"This knife (RAO) is really cool! After reading Jeff Randall's article on it, I thought this would be a real good one to have. He literally beat the trash out of one and it seemed to want more. That's a great recommendation. Even though I haven't "used" it yet I feel it would easily do all you could ask of it.

Extrema Ratio is the best manufacturer of knives I know for product quality and customer support and Xtreme Knives is definitely up to the brand they sell - best customer support and connections with the manufacturer I ever run into. Well worth a purchase from them. (NOTE: He has purchased several Extrema Ratio Knives from us.) Erminio, Chandler" - AZ

"Had wanted an Extrema Ratio for some time. Guess I had held off in the past as they seemed hard to come by. That's not the case now. The RAO was packed in a nice box. Everything appears to be first rate. Having not been able to see one before I ordered this one, it makes it tough sometimes when you consider paying for a premium knife. One tends to set the expectations high as I suppose they should be. Well I am certainly not disappointed in the least. Great service on a great product. E.V." - North Platte, NE.

"I would like to thank you for the prompt and courteous service you provided when I recently purchased a Col Moschin knife. The fit and finish of this knife is flawless. The blade is very sharp and the handle is comfortably correct for the knife's intended use. Overall, the Col Moschin is a knife of high design and production quality with outstanding handling characteristics. Thank you again for your kind attention. T.S., Alexandria, VA

Received the Extrema Ratio "Col Moschin" knife yesterday. It is indeed very impressive. I am very happy with this purchase... The knife is sharp as all heck, and I plan to carry it on hiking trips as well as a back-up for work and emergencies... R. L." - Woodland Hill, CA.

"I received the RAO 185 and this is one of the most well made and most beautifully designed knives I have ever seen or held!! You have my business from now on and I'm very impressed with the entire transaction and the speedy shipping. Thank you very much. Joe Dimeglio, MycoForesters." Eugene, OR

"About the best customer service I have ever seen anywhere. They are so accommodating, kind, and have such great prices and shipping, I wish I could buy everything I need there, from groceries to gasoline. They mainly sell knives, and if they carry something I can get elsewhere, I'll get it from every time. Best store on the net. Plus they carry some rare Extrema Ratio and other products that I don't think you can get anywhere else -- they are in direct contact with the Italian company and will happily special order what they don't have on hand, quickly and at great prices. I just can't say enough good about them. You will not be disappointed." -A customer for life

"...As for my RAO, I love it. I carry it often when in the woods (for emergencies only) no whittling! I placed a small firesteel in the slot that is used for carrying the knife when open. So in this small package I can make fire and a shelter. Very comforting. J. S." - Franklin, NC

"I received the knife this morning (Extrema Ratio Fulcrum E.I.) and it is just what I bargained for. Thanks for your assistance in seeing this through. Rating: Excellent. Price Rating:Excellent. Shipping Options Rating:Excellent. Delivery Rating:Excellent. Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent. Customer Service Rating:Excellent. Nancy, Customer Service Representative for Xtreme Knives, ensured my transaction went smoothly from order to delivery. The product was delivered even quicker than had been projected at time of ordering. I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of Xtreme Knives and intend to utilize their services again in the near future. G. M." - Artesia, NM

"Just to let you know that I received my RAO without any problems. It is just as I expected, a fantastic and quality made Folder. I am very happy with your service and its a pleasure to do business with you. Also thanks for your quick response to my order. I would most definitely recommend you to others at any time. I have been looking for my ultimate knife for some time, and this one surely fits the bill, and being able to carry it either as a Folder or a Fixed Blade is a fantastic feature. I will certainly be purchasing from you again. Many thanks. DM" - Tasmania (Australia)

"My Shrapnel arrived yesterday; One of the quickest shipments ever. First impressions were very positive. Everything is just right; from the grind lines to finish and fit to grip ergonomics. Heft and handling is impressive. I whittled, chopped and stabbed into a pine 4X4, cut paper and cardboard and shaved some hair off my arm. One tough piece of steel, so far. My Shrapnel will be put to further use out in the woods. The hard handle forms a perfect fit over the full, encapsulated tang. Disassembly for cleaning is a snap. I also like the safety and convenience of the sheath. The knife is held securely yet instantly available. This is my first Extrema Ratio and I am impressed. R.B." - New York, NY

"hey nancy, ive ordered from you guys again because from my own experiences and the feedback that people have left on your website, its clear that you have a unique business where you still offer a high level of customer service, a concept that your competition cant grasp. thanks again. dan" - Australia

"Hello Nancy !!! I'd finally got my knives !!! (Shrapnel Desert OG and Col Moschin) and they are amazing !!! Both of them are incredible, the design details and the knives themeselves are beautiful and the quality is superlative. They are strong and light at the same time, i can't wait to test them in the field !! But above all i want to thank you for all the trouble you went through so i could get the knives, your customer service is GREAT (actually more than great), you really give 110 % for the happiness of your customers and i cannot be more pleased about it. Iam looking forward to buy another extrema ratio soon (to you of course) !!! Thank you again ! Greetings from Argentina" H.F.C.

"I own a Fulcrum and a Fulcrum C. I'm convinced Extrema Ratio makes the best knives in the world. As a mechanical engineer, I only look for quality and durability. That perfectly describes these. They're made with high hardness N690 stain proof steel. They can take an absolutely immaculate edge, are not brittle, and do not dull quickly. If I were in a survival situation, the three things I would most want on me are my canteen, my 6" fire steel, and my Fulcrum. I'm sure I could depend on it with my life." Will

It's Not Just a Guy Thing...
Comments from Daniel Jackson
Customer's Comments about His Golem
It's Not Just a Guy Thing...

Comments from Daniel Jackson

Customer's Comments about His Golem

The knife is outstanding and its quality is superb.
I love the knives that I have purchased.
The knife is outstanding and its quality is superb.

I love the knives that I have purchased.

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