"...it has exceeded my expectations" [MPC]

"...it has exceeded my expectations" [MPC]
"I have found the MPC to be a great heavy duty folder and it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. While it may be part of the "sharpened pry bar" genre, it is not just a sharpened club. Granted, it is not the best knife to slice tomatoes with but it will do the job. It will perform most all cutting tasks one would expect a folding knife to do relatively well. Where it shines is that I can carry one knife discretely (not a fixed blade in a sheath) and have it do many of the functions I would expect of a fixed blade. I believe in the right tool for the job, but I also don't like to be a walking toolbox. With the thick blade and corresponding bevels it is not a scalpel, but it is a truly usable knife.

Blade shape is good for many tasks and the lock is very solid. Sort of like a bank vault. The extra lock safety is better than I thought it might be and is not just a gimmick. It does go beyond the scalpel with a robustness that gives the user confidence in knowing it will be there when needed. Like the line in the Wyatt Earp movie where Doc says to Wyatt, "I may not be easy to be a friend to, but I'll be there when you need me". The MPC is not "hard" to get along with but you may have to make some compromises with the overall size and thick blade and bevels. But you can have the confidence that it will be there when you need it.

It is more than just the size that makes it robust. The quality of constructions and attention to detail is absolutely excellent! If you are at the XtremeKnives website, good chance you know what you are after. A knife that will stand up to the test when it comes, but can be carried easily. If you are looking for that type of knife look no further. You have found it in the MPC.

So what are you waiting for? Drop Nancy a line; get and enjoy a great knife!" E.V. - North Platte, NE

(Note: he is comparing the MPC in his right hand to a mini tracker in his left hand.)

"To XtremeKnives, I've just received my order today. I am very satisfied with both RAO & MPC. I'm definitely having fun with them now. Just wanted to thank you guys for everything, especially Nancy who helped me answer all the question and was very considerate during the whole time. Great products you got there and excellent place to shop at!" C.L. - Canada


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