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"Anyone looking for a very small, failure-proof fixed blade..."

"The NK 1s [one each of black and stone washed] arrived in perfect condition. I know this is going to sound peculiar but my first thought upon looking at them was, "oh, they are so cute!" When my wife got home I showed them to her. The first thing she said was "those are so cute", argh! Damn it, knives can't be cute, they are supposed to be masculine and serious.

Kidding aside, the NK1 really is quite something. Both the knife and the sheath are of outstanding quality. Regarding finish, I had to buy both because from the photographs I couldn't decide which one I liked more than the other. I am really happy I did as they both look great in hand. The basic design may have been developed from a Skinner but Extrema Ratio has done a nice job of repurposing it into a wonderful little tool. I have large sized hands yet the balance and 'feel-in-the-hand' is really remarkably good for such a small and simple design. Anyone looking for a very small, failure-proof fixed blade would be really hard pressed to find a better knife to spend their money on. W.B."

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