...compact and comfortable to carry... [BF1 CD]

...compact and comfortable to carry... [BF1 CD]
"Hi Nancy, I just received the Extrema Ratio BF1 CD. I look forward to putting it through its paces over the coming months. However the following are my first impressions.

The Extrema Ratio BF1 CD is an excellent normal use folder. When I say normal use, I do not mean to imply "light duty". From what I have observed, Extrema Ratio has three grades of folders: BF the basic folders, MF the medium duty folders and the heavy-duty line such as the RAO, the M.P.C. and the Nemesis. If one were to equate them with motor vehicles, you could think of them in these terms: the BF's are like a well made automobile, the MF's like a heavy truck and the E.R. heavy-duty folders are rather a lot like an M1 Abrams Battle Tank.

I am finding the BF1 is compact and comfortable to carry. I researched the blade steel before I bought and I found that N690 is top quality, especially with the non-reflective, protective coating. The lock up on the knife is secure and the frame is minimalistic, yet certainly not too small. I like the fact that the pocket clip is set up for tip-up carry (which is preferred by those in the know), and it is reversible for left hand carry. My best friend, Brad is a southpaw and his knife purchases often echo mine.

I had read about the fact that the Extrema Ratio handle indents near the pivot end of the handle (or near the guard on their fixed blade knives) allow the thumb studs to be shorter than most knives, so they protrude less than a mm past the full width of the handle, yet are easily picked up by the thumb. But I didn't really appreciate the concept until I held one in my hand. I also found out that the indents provide an excellent thumb rest when using the knife with the blade in the horizontal position (tip away from you, edge on the finger side of your hand, spine on the palm side of your hand).

I shopped extensively for this knife, my first Extrema Ratio. I found several counterfeit Extrema Ratio knives on eBay. And I found many, many very over priced ones on eBay as well as other retail outlets. So ultimately, I purchased my Extrema Ratio BF1 CD from http://www.xtremeknives.com/ since I found that you have the best selection and the best prices on the internet." Paul Granger - Largo, FL


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