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The awesome Extrema Ratio Karambit.

The history of the karambit stretches back to the 11th century. Born in Indonesa and now spread around the world. It was originally used as an agricultural and field tool. The karambit's uniquely curved blade makes this a very versatile knife. It's usefulness ranges from cutting ropes, webbing, and belts, to opening boxes, cutting zip ties, etc. Designed primarily for you to use as a utility knife but you can also use it for a self-defense weapon.

The karambit is an effective utility tool useful for EDC [every day carry]. A handy EDC if you are in construction, farming, gardening, etc. Very functional for many of your routine activities; excellent for outdoor tasks when you are camping, fishing, backpacking, or in a survival situation. Has an advantage in tight areas where a straight edge knife wouldn't work as well – i.e. cutting seat belt webbing in an emergency.

Incorporates the traditional karambit finger ring that facilitates gripping the knife, making it easy for you to hold on to the karambit and harder to drop when being used. In a defensive situation, it makes it difficult for an attacker to disarm you. The karambit's unique features make this a good choice if you are into Filipino and Indonesian martial arts. The Extrema Ratio Karambit is a well-designed, mufti-functional knife. Constructed with quality materials and quality craftsmanship. You will enjoy using and showing it off. Unique. Impressive.


Extrema Ratio has retained the classic blade style of the traditional karambit. Due to the blade shape, the karambit is sometimes referred to as a “hawk's bill knife”. However, it is believed the tiger's claw was the inspiration. The blade is fashioned to provide double guards and is partially serrated. The blade length is under 3 inches so it is legal in most areas. This model has a black handle and a stone washed blade.


The Extrema Ratio Karambit has a handle shape that is found on all karambits with the finger ring incorporated as part of the handle. The handle is shaped and textured to give you a good grip. There is a recessed zip tie cutter on the handle. On the finger ring, you will find a glass breaker. The Karambit folder has a clip allowing a tip up carry.


The Nightmare Karambit has a liner lock. It also has an additional manual lock that should be used for an extra layer of safety.

Total Length of Knife: mm 196 (7.72 inches)

Length of Closed Knife: mm 139.70 (5.50 inches)

Blade Length Total: mm 73.50 (2.89 inches)

Weight of Knife: g 166 (5.85 ounces)

Blade Thickness (Widest Part): mm 3.00 (.12 inches)

Blade Width (Widest Section): mm 29.72 (1.17 inches)

Closed Knife Thickness (Excluding Clip): mm 13.72 (.54 inches)

Blade Steel: Bohler N690 cobalt stainless steel*

Blade Hardness: Rockwell 58 HRC

Grinding: Flat grind

Serrations on Blade: Yes

Lock: Liner lock with additional manual lock

Handle Material: Anodized anticorodal aluminum alloy **

Belt Clip: Yes – reversible side to side

Window Breaker: Yes – on finger ring


* The blade is made with N690 cobalt stainless steel; a high performance steel with excellent cutting and sharpening characteristics. This steel is also used in the butchering industry and to make surgical instruments.

** The handle is made of black anodized anticorodal aluminum, an aluminum alloy that is very strong and corrosion resistant.

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