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The robust GIANT MAMBA is designed to be as light weight as possible without sacrificing toughness. Both the knife and its accompanying specially designed sheath effectively reduce bulk to a minimum. Well designed with the intent to create a distinctive multi-function knife and sheath that complement each other.

BLADE: The bold shape of the GIANT MAMBA blade shows a strong Japanese influence. Black blade, plain edge with a flat grind and a tanto point. Full tang ending with a lanyard hole. To further decrease the weight, without compromising strength, there is a fuller on each side.

HANDLE: The GIANT MAMBA has a black handle that is streamlined to reduce weight. In addition, its handle is shaped around a threaded tang in order to provide a sturdy, well-balanced knife.

SHEATH: The GIANT MAMBA sheath, where the knife rides, is made of a hard “injection molded, impact grade nylon” that is attached to a soft nylon section that has a thigh strap and a two snap restraining loop. Especially designed to be lighter weight with a system to avoid blade rattle. Once a trigger like lever on the side is activated, the GIANT MAMBA is swiftly and effortlessly removed from its sheath. The black sheath is MOLLE compatible.

Total Length of Knife: mm 293 (11.53 inches) 

Blade Length: mm 163 (6.41 inches)

Total Length of Knife and Sheath: mm 330.2 (13.00 inches)

Weight of  Knife: g 289 (10.19 ounces)

Weight of  Knife and Sheath: g 425.24 (15.00 ounces)

Blade Thickness: mm 6.3 (.24 inches)

Blade Width (Widest Section): mm 33.22 (1.31 inches)

Blade Steel: Bohler N690 cobalt stainless steel*

Blade Hardness: Rockwell 58 HRC

Grinding: Flat grind

Serrations on Blade: No

Handle: Forprene**


*The blade is made with N690 cobalt stainless steel; a high performance steel with excellent cutting and sharpening characteristics. This steel is also used in the butchering industry and to make surgical instruments.

**The Forprene handle is resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture

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